With our custom made and homologated drones, we perform a dynamic show in the sky, visible from far away. We put text, logo’s, 3D and abstract geometries in the sky and combine them with fluent transitions to provide a show that will dazzle your public.
Our team of experts will collaborate with you for the design of the show, checking the show location and positioning its takeoff zones and we will also communicate with the aviation authorities to get the the aviation license for your event.

On performance day, our fleet with super bright LED lights will perform your show, supervised by our licensed drone operators.

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Belgium's Got Talent; seizoen 6, studioshow 4 op vrijdag 22 november 2019 bij VTM. Op de foto: Dancelot AndLights
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With our indoor drones, we combine dance with interaction of a drone. We already created pieces with multiple dancers that tells a story about a possible way to embrace the changing future and the technological progress that is speeding forward increasingly faster. We also created an act about friendship between human and machine, namely between Zita and Sky (our drone). This piece was performed in Belgium’s got Talent and got much praise by Dan Karaty


We do custom made shows or bring one of our pre-created shows to your event. For example we can customize our drone to make it possible to bring medals in an award ceremony.

Get in touch and we see what we can do for you.